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When you join Brunswick Rocks,
you're joining a gym AND a community.

Our Mission

Brunswick Rocks is a 501c3 nonprofit bouldering gym with a mission to provide a fun learning environment for self-improvement and self-confidence, promoting health, fitness, and personal growth for people of all abilities.

It's our intention to work with other community partners to provide a place where kids can be kids, progress at their own pace, learn that effort equals improvement, and ultimately provide opportunities beyond the gym. Memberships will be available, as well as sponsorships, and opportunities to help other nonprofits in exchange for monthly dues. (And as a venue for other nonprofits for events, fundraisers, etc.) 


Growth Starts Here

Be one of our FOUNDING members, get your name on our wall, receive an Annual Membership and so much more.

We're excited to announce an opportunity for YOU to play a part in the revitalization of downtown Brunswick by becoming one of our FOUNDING 200 FAMILIES.

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